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17%, will endeavour to increase ODA to that level, within their respective budget allocation processes, by 2010. Other emerging market countries are also expected to scale up ODA. Multilateral organisations could play a major role in delivering this increase in ODA to developing countries, at least initially. The new EU members already provide some ODA by virtue of their membership of the EC. Once a country begins reporting ODA, its contributions to the UN and other multilateral organisations will be included.

Some stress the need to delimit the mandates and define the specific strengths of the institutions more clearly, and to exploit their strengths more vigorously. Another priority commonly expressed is for the multilateral organisations to co-operate and coordinate their activities. Countries call for co-operation and coordination not only within the UN system but also between the UN and the international financial institutions (IFIs). An examination of how individual DAC member countries engage with the three major players in the multilateral system (IFIs, the UN and the EC) points to the specific priorities of individual countries and the particular advantages they derive from engagement.

Institutional Strategies take a partnership approach, emphasise joint setting of objectives and mutual benefit, and serve as a tool for justifying, negotiating, implementing and monitoring partnerships. DFID produces these strategies every 3‑4 years in consultation with each multilateral, and a range of civil society and other organisations. The Institutional Strategies, however, do not provide guidance on how to allocate multilateral funds between multilateral donors. Partnership agreements Most DAC member countries have partnership agreements with several multilateral organisations.

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