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By Sebastian Fedden

Mian is an endangered non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language of the okay relatives spoken within the Highlands fringe in western Papua New Guinea by way of nearly 1,400 audio system. This grammar is the 1st complete description of the language with targeted research of tone, gender and clause chaining. The research is predicated on basic box information recorded via the writer. The publication incorporates a choice of totally glossed and translated texts and a notice list.

Winner of the 2013 ALT Gabelentz Award

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Is a voiced velar stop. It occurs at the beginning of words and wordmedially, but is always in syllable-initial position. Because of this, final devoicing does not apply to //. Word-initially, // is realized as a prenasalized stop []. // occurs as the first member of the syllable-initial consonant cluster /l/. /kw/ is a voiceless labialized velar stop. It only occurs syllable-initially and is pronounced [kw]. Orthographically, it is rendered . /w/ is a voiced labialized velar stop.

He also organizes community work. Furthermore, he is supposed to investigate minor offences like theft or public misdemeanour and conduct small courts where he can administer appropriate punishment, normally small fines which have to be paid in cash and are used for the benefit of the community. The councillor does not have the authority to deal with crimes. 7. 1. Examples The Mian examples I use to illustrate and support my analysis come from six different sources. The ranking below reflects the frequency with which the different types of examples are used in this grammar.

In the orthography, it is written . 4. /o/ is a mid-high, back, rounded vowel, which can form the nucleus of any syllable. It is pronounced as [o]. Some speakers collapse the sequence /on/ into a nasalized [õ] when followed by another consonant (so far only /s/ is attested), as in /Lonsiob/ [õsio] ‘they went’. In word-initial low-tone syllables and in any closed syllable with a voiceless stop or the velar nasal //, /o/ is lowered to []. (29) omfâ mokók dót funoba funobta /LHLomfa/ /LHmokok/ /LHlot/ /Lfunoba/ /Lfunobta/ [mfâ] [mxkh] [dth] [funoa] [funp tha] ‘put’ ‘heel’ ‘very’ ‘we cook and then…’ ‘we cook and then…’ Brought to you by | New York University Bobst Library Technical Services Authenticated Download Date | 10/16/15 4:11 PM 30 2.

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