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By Noel Perrin

One in every of America's best essayists writes approximately forty literary masterpieces which were wrongfully forgotten or have been missed within the first position.

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Download e-book for iPad: A reader's delight by Noel Perrin

Certainly one of America's most interesting essayists writes approximately forty literary masterpieces which have been wrongfully forgotten or have been overlooked within the first position.

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The books then got displayed in a big glass case in the main library corridor, each with its explanatory paragraph pinned beside it. Lots of students coming down the corridor would stop and look. Colleagues generally took a peek too. One fall day I stood looking at the five books chosen by John Wolfenden, the New Hampshire Professor of Chemistry. Mr. Wolfenden was one of the two great luminaries of the chemistry department, an Englishman whom Dartmouth had lured away from Oxford a few years earlier.

One is a witcha quite beautiful witch in her early thirtiesnamed Leaf-of-the-Sallow. She is still dressed for the evocation: conical moleskin hat, long embroidered robe, bare feet painted blue. Another is a nymph (literal sense) of about twenty called Sap- Page 32 phire. The other three are men: poet-wizards. Together they form the complement of magicians in the village of Horned Lamb. Like every other village, it is divided into five estates: captains, recorders (the interpreter is of this estate), commons, magicians, and servants, corresponding to the five fingers of the hand.

Three of his choices I have forgotten, but the other two I remember vividly. They were kids' books. American kids' Page ix books. By some woman I had never heard of, named Laura Ingalls Wilder. ) It seemed wildly improbable that an English scientist would use two of his five slots for children's books written in the colonies, when he could have been plugging some major work by Sir Humphrey Davy or showing off his familiarity with Robert Boyle's Sceptical Chemist, that hit of the year 1661. It made me curious.

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