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Old Nursery Makes me feel like a meerpup again. Library Contains over 60,000 books and 11 secret passages. Ballroom And Balloon Room on Saint Vladimir's Tuesday. Real Vault Includes Word's only Fabergé Omelette. Fake Vault Includes Word's only fake Fabergé Omelette. Banquet Hall This is where I while away the afternoon. Grub Pantry Sergei is always sneak caterpillar crepes from here. Kitchen The birthplace of Sergei’s famous beetle broth. Tunnel Entrance I burrowed from the end. Panic Room For When I am in a Panic.

There he met seedy muskrats and played at cards with them. One day, after losing all his monies and both his boots, he bet the family mansion on his last claw of cards. He lost. ) Overnight the Orlovs became poverty stricken. Vitaly, Valentina and Grigory left the family mansion with only what they could carry in a small cart: the famous Purple Claw, two souvenir bottles of wedding beetle juice liqueur, some sea snake caviar and The Orlov Collection of meerkat paintings. They had a very loud wedding that could be heard all the way in Moscow.

There was huge ship with skull and crossbones waving at its mast, and mob of snarly creatures waving cutlasses on the decks. “Mongoose pirates”, Kefentse thought. He had heard tell of these seafaring mongooses. They would surely board ‘The Courageousness’…and then who knows what? He might be kill, or worse, made to be mongoose slave. Just then, Seri poke his head up. On seeing his mangy frame and bleary eyes, the pirates went all quiet. Quick as flash, Kefentse shouted out that the mongooses could come aboard if they didn’t mind about Seri’s plague.

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