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There are Home Rule Associations and Irish political and literary unions of much promise existing in London, but none whose scope embraces the whole, or whose work could unaided produce the results which the means at the disposal of the Irish people places within their power. The destiny of our country was never more manifestly in the hands of the people than at the present moment, and this is as true of the Irish in England as of their brethren at home — but in England, as in Ireland, the one thing required is Union.

83 The Nation, 13 October 1877; Freeman's Journal, 10 October 1877; Ulster Examiner, 11 October 1877. M. cit. 79 Letter I London, 3rd July, 1872 To follow in the footsteps of our race and kindred, whom the evil effects of an alien rule at home have made wanderers and sojourners in the land of the oppressor; to point out their fate, fortunes, and destiny in the home of their adoption; to trace the influence they exercise on the religious, the moral, the social, and political state of the people among whom they reside; to indicate the force of the new life they have introduced into England, and the broad political revival to which the closer intercourse of Englishmen and Irishmen has given rise, with the political consequences likely to rise therefrom - in fact, to gather facts and materials to show as nearly as may be the actual strength and condition of the Irish in England, the force they can exercise in aid of the national cause at home, and their general influence on imperial politics and imperial destiny - this is the task which the commission with which I am charged imposes on me, and to this I propose to devote myself with whatever ability I can command, and with all the affectionate zeal of one whom the call of duty summons to a labour of love.

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