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By Nyanaponika Thera

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17. " " 18. " " } } Pentad of Sense Impression (phassa-pa¤caka) Factors of Absorption (jhàn’anga) } Faith (saddh’indriya) Energy (viriy’indriya) Mindfulness (sat’indriya) Concentration(samàdh’indriya) Faculties Wisdom (pa¤¤’indriya) (indriya) Mind (man’indriya) Joy (somanass’indriya) Vitality (jãvit’indriya) 19. Right Understanding (sammà-diññhi) " Thought (sammà-sankappa) 20. 21. " Effort (sammà-vàyàma) 22. " Mindfulness (sammà-sati) 23. " Concentration (sammà-samàdhi) 24. Power of Faith (saddhà-bala) 25.

45 approach of first applying separately two different methods and afterwards combining them. Here are only a few examples: According to the Satipaññhàna Sutta the contemplation of different objects of attention should proceed in two phases: Phase I:– (1) ajjhatta, the contemplation of phenomena (corporeal and mental) as appearing in oneself; (2) bahiddhà, phenomena appearing in others; (3) ajjhatta-bahiddhà, the combination of both. Here the synthetical or relational method is applied by breaking down wrong differentiations between ego and non-ego and by showing that the lifeprocess is an impersonal continuum.

On the other hand, if the grouping were nothing more than a formal principle of arrangement, it would not have been allowed to determine the composition of the list. Though the predilection of the Indian mind for purely formalistic methods of exposition is wellknown, this peculiarity rarely impairs the treatment of the subject-matter itself. And it would certainly not be permitted to do so in this case, in a work that offers psychological instruction in a form so tersely concentrated and reduced to the bare essentials with no embellishments.

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