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By James L. Arbuckle

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E From the menus, choose File → Data Files. E In the Data Files dialog box, click File Name. E Browse to the Examples folder. 0\Examples. xls, and then click Open. E In the Data Files dialog box, click OK. Amos displays a list of worksheets in the UserGuide workbook. The worksheet Attg_yng contains the data for this example. E In the Select a Data Table dialog box, select Attg_yng, then click View Data. The Excel worksheet for the Attg_yng data file opens. 27 Estimating Variances and Covariance s As you scroll across the worksheet, you will see all of the test variables from the Attig study.

E Because you have not yet saved the file, the Save As dialog box appears. Type a name for the file and click Save. Amos calculates the model estimates. You can watch the progress of calculations in the panel to the left of the path diagram, but the calculations happen so quickly that you may see only the summary after calculations are complete. Viewing Output When Amos has completed the calculations, you have two options for viewing the output: text and graphics. To View Text Output E From the menus, choose View → Text Output.

To View Text Output E From the menus, choose View → Text Output. The tree diagram in the upper left pane of the Amos Output window allows you to choose a portion of the text output for viewing. E Click Estimates to view the parameter estimates. 21 Tutorial: Getting Started with Amos Graphics To View Graphics Output E Click the Show the output path diagram button . E In the Parameter Formats pane to the left of the drawing area, click Standardized estimates. 49 is the correlation between Education and Income.

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