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By Heinz Tschätsch

Machining and slicing applied sciences are nonetheless an important for lots of production methods. This reference provides all vital machining techniques in a accomplished and coherent manner. It presents the training engineer with many technical details of the producing tactics and collects crucial elements reminiscent of greatest available precision, mistakes or reference values.

Many examples of concrete calculations, difficulties and their strategies illustrate the cloth and help the educational reader. the web addresses given within the appendix offer with a quick hyperlink to additional information sources.

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Here, the task is to fully utilise the machine’s input power. If the sectional area of chip A is matched with the cutting speed resulting from the machine curve, then we always obtain values with which the machine’s input power is fully utilised. However, if values (vc and A) are selected whose point of intersection is below the machine curve, then the input power of the machine will not be utilised. If the point of intersection of vc and A lies above the machine curve, then the machine will be overstressed, since the required power exceeds the machine input power that is actually available.

0 mm 3. Calculate specific cutting force kc for the values from 2. kCh1  kCh2  kc1,1 h1z kc1,1 h2z  2110  2914 N/mm 2 0,150,17  2110  2110 N/mm 2 1, 00,17 4. Define the machine on which metal cutting should be performed. In this example, input power was assumed with P = 10 kW. 36 4 Tool- and machine curves 5. 0 mm). 0 mm2 6. Take the power equation and determine the cutting speed values vc1 and vc2 corresponding to the predefined cutting conditions. 2) vc  60 s/m s 10 s 103 W/kW sM ap s f s kc vc in m/min ap in mm f in mm kc in N/mm2 ηM cutting speed depth of cut feed per revolution specific cutting force machine efficiency A1  0, 225 mm 2 : vc1  60 s/min s 103 W/kW s 0, 7  640 m/mm 1, 5 mm s 0,15 mm s 2914 N/mm 2 A2  10 mm 2 : vc2  60 s/min s 10 s 103 W/kW s 0, 7 10 mm s 1mm s 2110 N/mm 2  20 m/mm 7.

When calculating the machine input power, one has also to consider the machine’s efficiency. 2 Resulting from feed force Feed power is defined as that portion of the power implemented during cutting, resulting from feed force Ff and feed rate vf . Pf  Ff s vf 60 s/min s 103 W/kW Pf in kW Ff in N vf in m/min feed power feed force feed rate We may calculate feed rate vf by means of the following equation. 7 Calculation of power 23 In comparison with cutting speed vc , feed rate vf is very small, as can be seen in the example below: workpiece Ø: feed f: cutting speed vc: From these data, we find: Speed: n vc s 103 100 m/min s 103 mm/m   317 min 1 d sP 100 mm s P Feed rate vf: vf  f sn 0, 5 mm s 317  3  0,158 m/min 103 10 mm/m s min According to Krekeler, the relationship among the forces, assuming a tool cutting edge angle of  = 45°, is approximately Fc : Ff : Fp = 5 : 1 : 2 In other words, feed force Ff is about 1/5 of Fc.

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