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By John Whitman

Zak and Tash are watching for accompanying Hoole on his most up-to-date project--studying the B'omarr priests of Tatooine. the single challenge is, the priests dwell within the palace of nefarious crime lord Jabba the Hutt. yet Hoole delivers Tash and Zak that they will be secure there. The priests are bizarre. the main enlightened ones are only disembodied brains in jars that stroll round on spidery, robot legs. And while one of many clergymen comes to a decision he desires to research extra concerning the strength, Tash higher be careful or she may possibly lose her head. on-line promo.

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He put a hand on Zak's shoulder. "What is true for my appearance is true for Tash's personality. " Zak could hardly believe his ears. Hoole had always tried to protect his niece and nephew-several times he'd even risked his own life to save theirs. But Zak always thought Hoole was doing what he had to do, not what he wanted to do. Realizing that Hoole really did care for him, Zak took his words to heart. Maybe Hoole was right about Tash. And if he was right, then their friendship could last, whatever Tash was going through.

He thought as he powered up the small hovercar. He was an expert on his skimboard, and once, with Tash's help, he'd even flown Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. Besides, he was no stranger to machines like this-he could take apart this speeder's engine and put it back together in a flash. Zak pointed the speeder toward the door and hit the accelerator. The speeder took off. In the wrong direction. The back of the speeder slammed against the docking-bay wall, making enough noise to wake the dead-which was what Zak would be if Jabba's thugs caught him stealing a vehicle.

But... " Zak replied in disbelief. " "Well, it's not like I want to see brain spiders again, but Grimpen was teaching me so much. " Hoole considered. "Very well. It is too late to leave tonight anyway. Jabba would be insulted if I didn't say goodbye properly. " "I'll be safe," she explained. " "Yes, they can," Zak scoffed, remembering Hoole's comment about the lume rocks. "Remind me to tell you about those so-called hot coals sometime. " Tash shrugged. "Well, whether they can or can't, I know that they don't cross it.

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